Hose Hanger and Parts Hanger

The absolute “Have to Have” accessory for every paint booth.

Thought up…and designed by…an auto painter, who just became fed-up with his hose dragging on the floor - kicking up dust and dirt. Or, getting stuck under tires - and tugging short as he applied his last coat. Or…worst of all, a tangled hose with a kink that restricts air flow to the gun. Hose problems are now eliminated!!

The benefits are obvious…but the reality is that an air hose that sits on a cold floor at night and than is heated to over 150° during the booth’s bake cycle will break down its inner core, as the painter pulls the trigger on the gun, constantly changing from “Static” to “Flowing” air pressure. As the hose deteriorates on the inside, small particles of rubber become discharged and are propelled through the hose and out the nozzle of the spray gun and will appear as “Dirt in the paint”.

With “HOSE HANGER” the air line follows the painter on roller trolleys, as he moves back and forth in the booth. Designed with tracks on both sides of the booth and two 40’ hoses… each hose has the ability to cover ¾ths of the vehicle. Meaning a painter can paint a complete ¾ nose, all down the side of the car and across the complete deck lid without changing hoses.

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