Rear Wall Downdraft with left offset doors

Our premium Spray Booths uses a single "Rear Wall" exhaust chamber to allow an envelope around the vehicle with clean, filtered air as tightly as possible without creating back pressure. The cabin is Powder Coated Bright White inside and out. Also standard are twelve 4'x2' Inspection Grade, 4 tube florescent lighting fixtures that are mounted horizontally for superb lighting. The outside measurements are 14'-8" wide x 25'-3" long x 10'-11" high, however, many of the booths we build for todays shops are 29' long to allow several parts (bumpers, etc.) to be painted along with the vehicle. Always standard are the 9'-7" wide x 9'-0" high Jig built Bi-Fold Door & one 3'-0" x 7'-2" Painter Entrance Door. All Doors are equipped with Tempered Safety Glass.

Down Draft Booth Rear Wall Exhaust

(No Pit Required)

25 Foot Booth

27 Foot Booth

29 Foot Booth

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