A) MAXIMUM LEVERAGE – There is nothing like controlling an income producing asset with as little as $99 down. The first 6 months can make you enough profit to potentially pay off the rest of the lease. The equipment is not a drain on your cash flow because it pays for itself from day one.

B) INVISIBILTY – Unlike bank borrowing, our lease contracts do not get reported to personal credit bureaus thereby leaving your personal credit free from your business borrowing. Because it is off balance sheet financing, it will not hurt your bank borrowing or other working capital lines of credit.

C) MAXIMUM WRITE-OFF – IRS allows up to $112,000 write-off in the first year for leases. For example, if you do a $50,000 lease this year you can choose to write-off the whole lease against your other business income this year. Bank loans are different in that they have to be depreciated over a 5-7 year schedule depending on the equipment asset.

D) RATES – Lease rates are very close to bank rates. Sometimes leases are lower and sometimes banks are lower depending on the credit. When considering all the aspects of leasing the benefits of leasing equipment far out weigh those of bank borrowing.

E) FLEXIBLE TERMS – Our leases can be structured to the customer’s need depending on credit. We will tailor a payment plan for a specific customer using skip payments, seasonal payments, annual, semi annual, step up and delayed payment plans, etc,.

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