Meet the Manufacturer

Future Cure Paint Booth has been an innovation leader in the paint booth industry since the late 1980’s.

We were the 1st company to offer a powder coated booth cabin. The first to design an E.R.S.®, Energy Recovery System, in our Air Make-up heaters that “Recycles” heated air in the burner, making our paint/baking booths the most economical to operate.

The production plant, located in central CT has been equipped with the latest “state of the art” steel fabrication machinery. The laser optic cutter and the CNC automated folding table (replacing the old punch press of yesterday’s technology) have reduced manufacturing times and increased production allowing Future Cure to maintain it’s leadership as a custom booth manufacturer. Our “jig built” doors and our “submarine seal” gaskets have set “Standards of Quality” throughout the industry.

At Future Cure, we learn by listening to the painters that use our booths. Most painters have told us they prefer low, horizontal, sidewall lighting. They have told us, with vertical lighting, when the painter steps in front of the light he blocks his own light. All Future Cure booths have low, horizontal sidewall lights. Painters also prefer the even “Wash Lighting” that is only available via the upper, angled “Hip” type lights, another Future Cure standard.

Future Cure has recently introduced “Inspection Grade Lighting” into the complete booth line. This special, high output lighting is the same technology used by most auto manufacturers on their assembly lines for quality control of the paint finish.

We understand the buying process for a paint booth can, at times, seem overwhelming. Allow us the opportunity to service your needs and allow us help you through your purchase.